Your Body Speaks: Chemical Stress

You are what you well as what you breathe, smell, and absorb through your skin.

Chemical stress can come in many forms. There are the obvious ones that you can see and ones that are hidden in the air and in your food. Because of the abundance and the ease of of which toxins can get into your body, it can become quite easy for your immune system to get overloaded. This overload can lead to a toxic environment in your body. This environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, disease and cancer.

So how can you avoid toxins?

First off, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. You will never be able to avoid all toxins. Life happens and so do toxins.

There will be days that no matter how much fresh organic juice you make in your Jack LaLanne juicer, no matter how many miles you run, no matter how long you meditate, you still might walk through a cigarette smoker’s exhaled, yet lingering nicotinic cloud, or breathe in fumes from some old clunker’s exhaust, or shower in city water full of prescription drug remnants and fluoride.

The answer is to be aware and limit the number of toxins that enter your body.

Chemical Stress and Food

Food in our society is not what it once was. In fact, most food we eat is not really food. Look no further than the aisles at your local grocery store. Packaged goods with ingredient lists full of words understood only by hardcore chemists line the shelves at every corner.

Ingredients like monosodium glutamate (MSG), phenylketonuronics aka phenalalanine aka aspartame, L-cysteine, high fructose corn syrup, red #40, and yellow #5 frequent all sorts of packaged goods such as Hamburger Helper, diet sodas, whole wheat bread, frozen microwaveable dinners, most cereals, and more. These things do not occur in nature.

But even if you avoid the aisles in the grocery stores, the produce can be just as bad. Pesticides are used generously on fruits and vegetables grown around the world. While we all grow up learning to wash our produce before eating it, you can’t wash off or wash out all the pesticides.

Also, the foods that have been injected with hormones and and other chemicals goes straight into your system when you eat it. When in the grocery store, avoid the aisles and buy organic produce if possible.

The answer: Go organic as much as possible. Eat meats that are pesticide and hormone free. Wash your fruits and veggies well before preparing. Start reading labels. If there are words your can’t pronounce, chances are you don’t need to eat it. If it’s man made it, don’t eat it.

Chemical Stress and Prescription Drugs

In 1992, the average American got an average of seven prescriptions per year. In 2008? That number went up to 12.. This is a 71% increase, which amounts to an extra $180 billion in sales for pharmaceutical companies.

Being on 12 prescription drugs is not health. In fact, that is completely toxic to your health. Health does not come from a pill or a bottle. It is an outside-in approach, a way of treating the effect, that will never produce the desired effect… which is a healthy lifestyle. Every week I see a number of patients who desire to reduce the number of medications they are on. Its rewarding to see how much better they feel when they stat to reduce their amount.

The answer: Make sure you read and understand the side effects of the medications you are on. Talk to your chiropractor about ways in which you can start a healthier lifestyle to improve your health and increase your chances of reducing your number of medications. Never stop your medications without consulting your doctor first.

Chemical Stress and Your Environment

As I said earlier, we can’t always avoid everything around us. Many of us live in cities with high rates of pollution, or our homes may have hidden mold that we don’t know about (common in Texas). I certainly feel that living innorth Texas, outside of the city, there is far less toxins in the air, However, be aware of the pesticides and chemicals that are dropped from the air to kill mosquitos and other insects. These chemicals can get into the water supply and in your food and can be quite harmful to humans if ingested.

The answer: Switch to all natural pesticides and cleaning products. They are made with less chemicals and actually work even better! Avoid exposure to agricultural spraying as the chemicals used can be quite harmful when ingested. Make sure your water if clean and filtered. For the best quality water system. I recommend and Ionized Alkaline water machine. Call the office for more details. 903-564-9815

In Summary

Start paying closer attention to what goes in your body. Observe your environment and choose to eat clean food, drink clean water and breath clean air. You deserve to have a long healthy life. Start by paying attention to your body. If you take care of it, it will take care of you!

You will feel better because of it!!

In Health,

Dr. Dave Tuck

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