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[WEBINAR] You Can't Mess Things Up, Here's Why

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Perceived traumas are perceived negative experiences in your future as well, which will give you a different result. I tend to notice that if I don't learn a lesson, the first time around, it certainly comes back around again in a new form until I really learn how to how to love whatever's happened to me.

Because when you actually learn and you shift your perception around the events that happen in your life and your past, you can actually find those nuggets of wisdom that the experience is meant to teach you. And then take that and move that forward in the future.

You're not going to attract an experience that's not going to teach you a lesson that you're not going to need in your life. So if you're attracting it, you need it. And there's something to learn from it.

It's just about learning how to ask those quality questions. And this is what I do when I work with clients is we help navigate this tough road of life experiences that on the surface might seem more one-sided.

But when you really look at it from both sides and see full quantum, you see that it actually has both sides, and it actually serves. So this is what we're trying to nail down tonight give you some nuggets of wisdom, so you can't mess things up.

Adventures of Self-Mastery is a series that explores 12 themes about Inspired Living that starts with an Inspired Mission.

This session examines You Can't Mess Things Up, Here's Why and covers three key messages:

  1. Learning Tools To See The Balance In Life / Law of Polarity

  2. Nothing to Forgive / Seeing Life’s Synchronicities

  3. The Importance of Dissolving Emotional Baggage / Asking Quality Questions

What We Discuss:



Adventures into Self Mastery Series takes place every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 7 pm CT and runs through until July 2022.

You are invited to join us in one or all. See what's coming up and when HERE.

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