The fabulous feedback of fear

When we are navigating life’s tough transitions, inevitably we may be faced with fears and doubts about ourself, our choices in life and what we are capable of. Fear is a fabulous feedback that’s forces us to slow down.... and ideally, ask quality questions, to not only look inside but to gain wider clarity of the wisdom hidden inside our resistance to change.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures that you seek. - Joseph Campbell

If you desire to grow and reach new levels of success in your business, relationship, health or finance, it’s inevitable that fear will be standing at the door of change.

What’s on the other side of fear are the:

  1. new opportunities

  2. new outcomes

  3. limitless possibilities to create and achieve whatever you desire

We all have our comfort zones that are nice to stay in at times. However, there is not much growth in remaining within those comfort zones. Leaving them, requires enormous energy, stamina and courage.

The greatest growth and development will force you to stretch yourself beyond what you have before. To test your limitations mentally and physically in order to break old patterns and learn new skills for self-mastery.

Fear is an important and integral part of the growth process.

Fear teaches and guides you through challenging times.

You may be facing familiar old patterns or habits that keep showing back up in your life.

You may find yourself navigating uncharted territory and the road ahead isn’t quite clear.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck or on the fence, fearful to make a decision about what to do or where to go in your life.

When I am staring down the fabulous feedback of fear, I remind myself of R.I.C.H. Foundational Principles #2 and #3.

R.I.C.H. Principle Number 2

You can’t mess it up

Whatever decision is made, you will experience both positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad. You will learn lessons and you will flourish. There will be nothing to forgive or to be forgiven for. You will attract the exact experiences necessary for you to learn and grow. No matter what, you will still be on track.

R.I.C.H. Principle Number 3

Nothing will be missing

Whatever direction you choose, nothing will be lost or gained. There will be a transformation of old forms into new forms which will result in new experiences with new outcomes. These new forms will have their own unique set of supports and challenges and will offer you new opportunities to grow.

Keeping these two principles in mind, helps calm the anxiety and fear around whatever challenge we are facing in the moment.

Also, remember that the clearer you can be on your vision and the more aligned you are with your mission, the more driven and courageous you will be to face and overcome your fears.

Lack of clarity and direction, breeds insecurity and doubt in yourself and your abilities, stopping you in your tracks when the going gets tough.

When staring down the fabulous feedback of fear, ask yourself quality questions

  1. What is my biggest fear regarding my business? My relationships? My health? My finance?

  2. How clear am I around my vision and mission in this are of life?

  3. Am I ready to breakthrough my fears and limiting beliefs about what’s possible for my life?

If you would like to work with me in one or more areas of life to squeeze the fabulousness out of your fear - and transcend the doorway before you, perhaps one of my adventures is an ideal fit for you what you're looking to do next. Climbing a mountain can often be easier, more enjoyable, and success, more guaranteed when you are climbing with a skilled partner who can offer you the support you need at each level of the climb.

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