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[RETREAT] The Texas Experience: Achieving your Goals

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Achieve your Goals in North Texas Retreat

Are you feeling lost or distracted? Dr. Dave Tuck will help you find your true north in this self mastery adventure.

In this 2-day retreat in North Texas, you will be focusing on yourself while getting absolutely clear about who you are, why you are here and how to live inside your purpose driven life. This immersive experience will lead you to accomplishing your specific goals.


Here's what we have for you in Texas:

● 2 Hours of pre-retreat consulting

● 16 Hours of consulting during the weekend

● 2 Hours of post-retreat integration consulting

Your Self Mastery Adventure also includes:

● Delicious health-conscious food – 3 meals per day

● Beautiful, relaxed setting on 24 acres

● Walking trails

● Swimming pool

● Hot tub

● Private room

● Transportation to and from the airport

Hold on, there's more:

● Chiropractic adjustment Massage

● Yoga

● Gym access

● Personal Training

● Kayaking

● Hiking

● Infrared Sauna

● Meditation

● Sound Healing

The Texas Experience is $7500 USD

We start with a synergy call. Book yours here >

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