Realign, Repurpose, Revision

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Throughout life, there will be times when you feel stuck, lost, confused and/or lack of direction. It’s in these moments that you have to make a decision. Do you want to stay stuck in this emotional cycle or do you desire to move past your current circumstance? When you are inspired by a great mission, perceived obstacles and challenges become opportunities to learn and grow. Its in these times of uncertainty and doubt about life and your direction, to remember the following three important tools to help you stay on track by reconnecting to your inspired mission.

1. Realign

Time to realign yourself who you are and what’s important, your values, your drives, your To your values an drives. What makes you…you. Realigning to your values and drives brings clarity and understanding. When you are clear about who you are, you can be clear about what you want and don’t want for your life. On the other hand, uncertainty about yourself, brings about confusion and chaos allowing your life to be run by others who think they know what’s best for you. When you are clear about you, you can have more control over your life, direction and outcomes. The certainty this brings spills over into every area of your life. Self-knowledge is the beginning to becoming a master of your own life.

2. Repurpose

This is an alignment to your highest calling. Your Why. Just as no two people have the same values and drives, no two people will have the exact same purpose. No other person has walked in your steps, sharing the exact experiences and lessons. We are all unique individuals with a unique. Every event and experience in your life has been perfectly orchestrated to provide you with the exact experiences and circumstances for you to become the person you are today. You attract the perfect experiences at the perfect time to give you the exact lessons needed to grow. When you can you see the perfection of your past and appreciate your journey, you are awakened to your highest calling. The insights and lessons from these experiences are the gold nuggets that bring value to your life and help illuminate your path. The inability to find the perfection and learn the lessons creates emotional baggage which keeps you stuck, clouding your vision and direction for your future. Look back on each significant event throughout your life and extract from these experiences the unique life lessons that you attracted to help you learn and grow.

3. Revision

Your vision becomes clear to the degree you are clear about who you are and why you are here. When you temporarily lose sight of your vision, it is a beautiful feedback letting you know that it’s time to reconnect to yourself. This is a common symptom of overload. Time to step back, unplug and take some breaths. Reminding yourself about who you are (values and drives) and why you are here (purpose and mission). It’s this clarity thst results in the ability to Revision your life’s direction and fine tune your plans to keep moving forward. When you can see a vision for your life, it’s a matter of connecting the dots from where you are to where you would love to be. You are worth it!

Many, many blessings

Dr. Dave

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