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Quality Questions for Transformation

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

One of the most amazing abilities humans have is the ability to introspect and to ask quality questions of ourselves. It’s these questions that begin to teach about yourself and to help catalyze change as you begin to pave the way for new outcomes. Below are 5 top quality questions to ask yourself when you are feeling confused, lost or stuck in your life. The questions are designed to stimulate thoughts, ideas and creativity, helping you to start building momentum towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

1. Am I doing everything I can with everything I have?

You have a unique set of gifts and talents, and you are here to share them with the world. It’s your inspired mission. It’s been with you all of your life, yet at times you may feel near it and other times feeling far away from it. It’s in these times of distance and “stuckness” that you have an opportunity to take a good look at your life goals and desires. Ask yourself, “Have I reached my full potential? Chances are, you have not! Do I have more to offer the world? Chances are, you do! It’s time to get clear and take it to a new level!

2. Am I being authentically me?

One of the most sure-fire ways to become stuck and stagnant in your life is to stop being yourself. You might at times subordinate yourself to others, not speak your truth in fear of rejection or ridicule, try to always please others and put everyone’s need ahead of yours, or perhaps you suppress your own emotions and feelings as to not upset others. Do a little self-check. Ask yourself, “What area of my life do I feel I am not being truly authentic? Be honest. Becoming aware is a key step towards self-mastery. Your greatest degree of health, wealth and success come when you are living authentically.

3. Do I have a crystal-clear vision of how I would love my life to be?

The clearer and more detailed you are with your vision, the more likely it will manifest in that form. A vague, unclear vision results in more distractions and attracts more chaos and confusion into your daily life. A clear vision helps unveil the appropriate action steps needed to begin to make strides towards new outcomes. Take time to write in detail exactly how you would love your life to be. You are only limited by your imagination of what you believe is possible. Give yourself permission to think and dream big.

4. What is the most important habit, pattern or belief that I can shift that will make the greatest impact in my life?

Throughout life, you have adopted tools and strategies you felt would help you navigate life’s ebbs and flows as effectively and efficiently as possible. They got you to where you are today.

However, if you continue to think the same, act the same and do the same, you will continue to get the same results in your life. New growth requires new strategies and tools to bring about new outcomes. Letting go of patterns that no longer serves is an important step in personal growth. What habits, patterns and beliefs are you ready to shift? Time to embrace new thoughts and beliefs in order to manifest the new outcomes you are pursuing.

5. What are the highest priority actions I can do today to help me get unstuck?

I was taught a long time ago that if you don’t fill your day with high priorities that are meaningful, then your day tends to get filled with low priority things that are unfulfilling. Start your day by reminding yourself of your inspired mission for your life. Then, make a list of the top 7-10 actions you need to do that day in order to move towards your vision. You will notice that when you are focused on high priorities, your energy will rise, and you become more focused and present. What you put your thoughts and action will flourish, so plan wisely how to spend your time and energy.



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