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Perspectives want shifting; an oracle reading is one way to do that.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

A few months ago, shortly after Tania had passed, I was called to go visit my close friend, Lee, on Big Island, Hawaii. I was in a fragile space, feeling really lost and disoriented. It was an opportunity to get away, try and reorient myself to and find some clarity.

I spent time reflecting, journaling, exploring, and doing some needed mind/bodywork.

One night, I was asked if I would like an Oracle Animal Card reading. I had never experienced a card reading before therefore, I didn't know much about it and don’t typically participate in these types of modalities. But, at that moment, I was open to receiving any insights about my life from whatever source, not to mention, I do love trying new things.

Oracle readings, tarot, and similar have a wide-ranging reputation.

Among the business community,

in particular, healthy skepticism that typically presents itself as - “Yeah, ok, but that could/would relate to anyone”

- “A generalisation that would mean as much to me as it would you, so what’s the point?”

Valid comments, for sure - AND - irrelevant also.

During times of inner turmoil, it is our perspective that wants shaking, broadening, and shifting from the dark tunnels we are fixated on, to the wide view available to us.

It’s kind of irrelevant as to the source that shifts our perception to see a bigger, more complete picture. To invite our focus to move a little bit to the left so that we may embrace insights and expand our awareness so we can better navigate those dark tunnels life is taking us through.

In this particular instance, I was given the opportunity to shift my perspective through a set of Animal Wisdom-inspired Oracle Cards.

Here’s how my first experience with this modality went:


After some preparation work of deep breathing and connecting to my intuition, I was taken through this experience.

Feel the pull:

The insights and messages that came out of this reading, I considered to be quite profound.

I felt moved to shift my focus to my higher self throughout this experience and thus I found myself open to receiving valuable insights that gave me a wider view of reality during this time of my life.

They were simple helpful reminders of how to approach life and how to better navigate life's difficult challenges.

The insights:

The first insight was from the Blue Whale- Relax and allow your life to flow. Remain strong and steady, even through the rough waters. Don’t forget to periodically come up for air and take in a deep breath.

Next; the Turkey- Be intentional with your actions, but don’t force it. Speak your truth and share your feelings, but choose your audience wisely.

Be like the Eel- Don't dim your light to let others shine.

The Grasshopper reminds you to stay poised where you are in the present moment. Only when you feel ready is it then time to leap forward to the next adventure. No rush.

The Lizard- Remember to occasionally stop, look around, and reflect on your beautiful life. Have gratitude for the life that you have created. Recognize the blessings all around you.

The Wolf gives an important reminder that YOU are the one that YOU have been waiting for. You are enough, just as you are.

Next, be like the Spider- Cast your web of knowledge and influence by sharing your wisdom, gifts, and talents with the world.

Remember the Butterfly- Enjoy the freedom to just be you. Fly your own unique way as you connect with like minds to dance and play.

And lastly, the Ants- Connect to your community of family and friends that support and challenge you to grow. Embrace your tribe.

All insights that could be deemed universal and applicable to all of us. And so, what?

The experience I created for myself was specifically about making room for outside influences to shift my perspective, expand my focus so I could better navigate what was right in front of me.

And there are infinite other tools and modalities to do this; a coach, a youtube video, music, the seaside, a mountain climb, your children, mindfulness practice, yoga, breathwork, or taking up a new hobby. On this particular day, I said yes to a reading - that upon reflection was as powerful for me as any other. And one, you may want to consider should the opportunity present itself.

Thank you, Tracey, for your love and wisdom during that important part of my journey.



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