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[ADVANCED PROGRAM] The RICH Self Mastery Program and its origins.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

For over 50 years, the RICH Self Mastery course has been developed from the wisdom that grew out of my own life experiences in tandem with my studies into the universal principles that guide this universe.

Examining each significant event in my 50 years, has taught me more about who I am and why I am here.

There have been no mistakes.

Every life experience I had, brought with it the exact lessons I needed in that particular moment, enabling me to learn and grow through whatever challenge I faced at that time.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

The final piece of the puzzle came recently when my partner, Tania, suddenly passed away.

I was forced to face my deepest fears, anxieties, insecurities, and doubts. I found myself completely disconnected from my life and my vision. It felt like being adrift in a vast sea with no land in sight 一 no direction, not even an idea of where to set my sights.

This point in my life was a big one, however, and deep down I knew there was a divine order taking place.

I wasn’t going to squander the opportunity I had been given to go on this epic exploration.

My previous reality was gone. It transformed into a new version of life that I could not recognize…yet.

So I hit pause.

Pause so that I could take a personal journey to clear my mind and heal my body, to take a deep look at what this experience meant for me and my future.

I began to follow my nose and allow life to flow in the direction it saw fit for me. I surrendered to the flow of life, trusting my inner voice on the next steps to take.

There have been no mistakes. Every life experience I had brought with it the exact lessons I needed in that particular moment, enabling me to learn and grow through whatever challenge I faced at that time.

As I traveled, I connected with family, friends, and like minds, creating amazing experiences and unique adventures for learning, growing, and sharing wisdom as I set out to discover more about myself and the world.

Many questions continually came up along the journey

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where do I go from here?

  3. What am I going to do with my life?

  4. Why did this happen now?

  5. What wisdom can I learn and share from this experience?

Thus, from my journey, came the R.I.C.H. Self Mastery Program

The 6 RICH Foundational Principles

  1. Capitalize on your uniqueness

  2. Use your superpower as a guide

  3. You can’t mess it up

  4. Nothing is missing

  5. Your world is your mirror

  6. Give yourself permission to shine

These 6 foundational principles are essential for being able to effectively navigate life’s transitions, challenges, ebbs and flows. They will help you have more clarity, confidence and certainty about who you are and what you want for your life.

Ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners who are going through difficult life transitions and who are experiencing stress overload, who are feeling, lost or stuck.

Those moments where we can experience:

Financial stress

Career confusion

Health concerns

Relationship challenges

This program is designed to ensure you experience:

Lower stress

Increased energy

Less brain noise

Certainty of self and direction

Who is it for?

Professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to:

● Clarify their vision for life.

● Enhance their own services and become exceptional in their respective fields.

● Find a balance between a successful business and each area of life.

● Kickstart a business or reignite an existing one.

● Enjoy more freedom and fulfilment without distractions.

Perhaps you are:

● Feeling stuck in your current life situation.

● In transition and need help to get clear on your direction.

● Desiring to find your ideal relationship or build a stronger connection with your current partner.

● Looking to build long-term wealth and increase financial stability.

● Ready to improve your overall health and reach your optimum function.

I am only accepting ideal clients for this program that are committed and ready for change. There will be an application and online interview process to select who is qualified to participate.

How does it work?

● 2 hours of pre-program consulting.

● 12-modules

● 1 hour per week group zoom call.

● Private FB community access for QandA

● Unlimited text and email correspondence

● 90 minutes per month of 1:1 consultation

Investment: $7400 USD

Clients that complete the Self Mastery program will be eligible to attend one of my “Life Mastery Adventures” in amazing locations around the globe. A deeper dive to help expand your boundaries and transcend your comfort zone to learn more about yourself and the world so you can better be in service, on purpose and contributing your genius.

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