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into self mastery begins with your inspired mission


Your Inspired Mission is your True North and it is seeking you to the same degree that you are seeking it.  We will find it. It will feel congruent. You will move into inspired action because of it.  

Give me 48-Hours, Show up to do the work and we will reach the other side, together. 

The reality is we are not meant to do this alone. We need mirrors to see ourselves more clearly. I will become your mirror over this weekend for you to realign, repurpose and revision your Inspired Mission.

Find Your Mission, Live Your Mission.

1. Clarity, focus and meaningful action flow in this state of knowing. 

2. Decision Making will become easy and clear as you hold your True North front and Center. 

3. Co-creating with and through that evolutionary impulse within you amplifies your impact and your desire to keep going. 

Practicalities & Logistics

1. This Adventure is you and me over a weekend at my home in North Texas.

2. You will receive a soft copy of a guide to use throughout your Milestone Adventure with me. We will reference it as we move through the stages that matter most to get you inside your Inspired Mission. 

Investment:  $6,000 USD 


Level One: Foundations

Level Two: Framing

Level Three: Future

Level Four: Freedom

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